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MOUSTACHE, THE MOST LONG GEO OF ROCHAS MOUSTACHE by Rochas is a men's Eau de Toilette that is included in the Fougere Aromatic family launched in 2018. The history of MOUSTACHE goes back to the years after the war, more specifically when Marcel Rochas, founder of the prestigious firm, decides to create a custom-made perfume for men, in gratitude for the difficult years of struggle. Now, in 2018, the firm has decided to relaunch its great and emblematic classic, maintaining both its formula and its original bottle, inviting the male public to rediscover a pure and traditional aroma, with a very masculine character and that, despite the passing of the Time remains a weakness for much of the Rochas public. HIS SCENT . A somewhat peculiar wake as it combines feminine sparkles and very manly chords. Starring notes like bergamot, lemon, lavender, neroli, violet, patchouli and white musk, this fragrance maintains an exemplary and excellent harmony of opposites. THE ROCHAS MUSTACHE . As we well know 'Mustache' means 'Mustache' in French. The name of this perfume originates from one of the most famous mustaches in history, the one worn by Charles I of England in a painting by Van Dyck exhibited in the Louvre Museum. ORIGINAL JAR . The firm wanted to show off its classicism and tradition by keeping intact the perfume bottle designed in 1949. Carved on beveled glass, an orange label stands out on its front, in which we can read the brand's name.

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