LE TONIQUE Eau Vivifiante Anti-Pollution by Chanel. Facial mask with exfoliant properties for all skin types.Facial cleansing is possibly the most important step in one's daily beauty routine, since it is only on clean skin that the potent ingredients of subsequent treatments can exert their benefits.Therefore, Chanel presents a new collection of ultra kind and effective makeup removers and cleaners, which, in just one movement, eliminate all kinds of makeup, including water resistant, and particles of skin contamination, thus favoring oxygenation and purifying it.This tonic gives the skin freshness and calmness, improves its tone and leaves it ready for the absorption of subsequent treatments. In addition, thanks to its antipollution complex, it also eliminates the remains of environmental contamination of the skin.For daily use, this tonic has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically , and has a non-comedogenic formula.
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160 ml
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Face toner
No Comedogenic
Day and Night
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